Daily Blog #46: Tell me something you enjoyed in this class.

Something I enjoyed in this class was learning about the Holocaust. Even though it was a sad subject, I learned so much and I personally believe the Holocaust is something everybody should know about. Something I didn’t enjoy in this class was the first lesson we had the beginning of the school year about democracy and WW1. Both lessons were really boring; however, WW2 was a cool lesson. Being honest, there isn’t really anything to improve on. The worksheets are really helpful, especially the study guides, and the way you teach makes me understand history! Some advice I would tell someone taking this class next year is to do all the summaries and to do the study guide and practice tests. 


Daily Blog #45: What were Gronachev’s three reforms, and what did each do? 

When Brezhnev died in 1982, he was replaced by Mikhail Gorbachev. After coming to power, Gorbachev had three reforms which were Glasnost, perestroika, and democratization. Glasnost was the free flow of information and ideas. This policy was known as glasnost or “openness”. Perestroika meant that soviets had more freedom to criticize problems of USSR. The government shifted some economic control from soviet officials to local managers of farms and factories. This caused wages and prices to go under local control. Democratization was the opening of the political system where people now had the right to vote for the people they wanted. 

Daily Blog #42: Tell me something you are proud about from this past semester.

Something I am proud about from past semester is getting a good grade in my math class. Since I was a little girl, I never really understood math and it wasn’t my favorite subject because it was really hard for me to understand the subjects; however, last semester I did really good on my quizzes and tests in math and I did all my homework. I believe the reason I understand math better this year is because of my teacher, Ms.Bush. I love the way she teaches and her worksheets are so helpful.

Daily Blog #41: Should the U.S government ever engage in assassination attempts of leaders of other countries?

I believe the U.S. should only engage in a assassination of leaders from other countries if the leaders are affecting our country in a negative way. For example, Fidel Castro is a leader we wanted to kill because he was dictator. I believe killing leaders with no purpose is not right, so we must have a purpose when it comes killing someone. They should negotiate before killing people because killing important people can affect us too.

Daily Blog #39: What are you going to do in the next four weeks to get the grades you want? 

Since we only have four weeks left, I plan on taking school more serious. I have many projects to do and I also have finals coming up. I plan on completing all my assignments and projects to get all my points, and I will take any extra credit I could get. I also plan on completing my Take A Stand project because it is also points; however, I also have to study for my other classes to be prepared for my finals. There is a lot of pressure right now, but I hope of completing sophomore year with decent grades. 

Daily Blog #38: Tell me what you know about the U-2 Incident.

The U-2 Incident was when one of the U.S spy planes was shot down by the Soviets. This happened in 1960, and the Soviets did announce what happened; however, the U.S denied that the plane did not belong to them because they believed the man was dead. The United States eventually had to confess because the pilot, Francis Gary Powers only spoke English. Eventually Powers goes back to the U.S because they negotiated. 

Daily Blog #37: What is NATO? What is the Warsaw Pact? What was the purpose of each?

The NATO was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It was created on April 1949 and member nations agreed to come to the aid of any other member who attacked, especially communist. This organization is known as the “we hate communist club”. The Warsaw Pact was a military alliance among Eastern European countries. The purpose of the organizations was to help each other if other countries attacked their members. 

Daily Blog #36 : What subject in school is the most important for students to study?

Personally I believe language arts is an important subject for students to study because it helps you improve someone’s writing and it makes their writing more formal and proper. It also helps form an opinion and it teaches us how to express ourselves through writing which is nice. History is also an important class because it is important to know what has happened before and how it affects us now. Knowing history creates connections because I believe having conversations about history with others is interesting.

Daily Blog #34: Tell me what you know about the Cold War. 

What I know about the Cold War is that it was between the Soviet Union and the United States. This war was 45 years long, but they didn’t really fight against each other. I believe they fought because the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism and the U.S didn’t want that. Even though they didn’t physically fight, the U.S and the U.S.S.R supported countries that either wanted to be communist or democratic and the country would fight, this is known as “proxy wars”.